High handlebar 22 mm in ergal SRT

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High handlebar 22 mm in ergal SRT

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High handlebar 22 mm in ergal SRT

High handlebar 22 mm in diameter, made of ergal 7075 TUV approved brand.

SRT Factory's High handlebars not just a cheap handlebar.
SRT FACTORY handlebars are a mix of technology and craftsmanship, they are made from 7075 aluminum bars that are "shortened" to size by finishing one by one on the lathe to leave the edges without signs and well finished.

Subsequently they are inserted into the tube bending machine, which automatically replicates the curvature and folds according to the specifications of the fold, in fact our folds, such as the High  fold, are all patented.

After the bending, the handlebars are subjected to "brushing" that eliminates the signs of processing and gives a finished effect of the handlebars, this treatment has a very high cost but is performed to improve the final appearance of the product.

Finally, we proceed to anodizing that we perform with special care and indelible lasering of the SRT factory brand, and any centering notches.

It often happens that dumbbells, such as reds, after a few months or weeks become pink or that from blacks become brown, this happens when you save on anodizing to offer a cheaper product.

The anodization of the SRT Factory handlebars gives a bright and colored finish that lasts over time without fading even after many years, protecting the handlebars from atmospheric agents, sun exposure and oxidation.

The SRT High fold handlebar is available in the colors:
red - black - gold - blue - silver - green - orange
So even a simple product like a handlebar actually involves some work to improve the final result.

Obviously buying dumbbells from 30/35 euros can not expect that the finishings, the material are of high level and that the anodization lasts for years.

If you love your motorbike and you do NOT want to ruin it by fitting a poor product, but you want to improve the driving and aesthetics you can do it only with the SRT Factory handlebars.

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  • Length 800
  • Height 120
  • diameter 22
  • Attack width 200
  • go back 55

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High handlebar 22 mm in ergal SRT

High handlebar 22 mm in ergal SRT

High handlebar 22 mm in ergal SRT